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Membership Check_old

Form asks for club membership and if an MMS member, looks up name and waiver status for a provided email address. Members who need to sign a waiver will be sent an email with a link to the member waiver only form. Members who do not need to sign a waiver will be redirected to the foray signup form.

If an affiliated club member; user will be asked for email address and on submittal sent an email with a link to the non-member waiver only form. After they have signed it, their club membership will be verified by the membership coordinator. Once verified, the membership coordinator can send them an email with a link to the signup form. If not a member of MMS or an affiliated club; user will be redirected after submittal to the Join/Renew form.

Select Your Current Membership

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What’s Next?

After entering your name and email address below, press the Submit button. An email will be sent to a representative from your club to confirm your membership.

Once your membership is confirmed, you will receive a link to our foray participation waiver so you can read and e-sign it. After doing so, you will be directed to the foray sign-up form.

At this time, MMS forays are only open to members of our club and in some cases, members of other NAMA-affilated clubs. If you would like to join the MMS, please go to our membership application. After payment is completed, you can return to this form at https://dev.minnesotamycologicalsociety.org/membership/membership-check/ to complete your foray signup.

Membership & Waiver Lookup

To check your MMS membership, enter the email address included for you on your MMS membership application or renewal.


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Search Results

Membership status:
Current member

Membership status:
None found.

If you think your membership search results are in error, please email our membership coordinator, John Lamprecht to check your membership. Otherwise, if you need to join the MMS, just click on the submit button to go to our membership application form. After completing your application and e-signing your MMS participation waiver, you can return to this form to sign up for a foray.

Waiver status:

Waiver status:
Not completed.

Before you can sign up for a foray, you need to read and e-sign your participation waiver. Please click on the submit button to receive a link to the waiver form via email.

After you have completed your waiver, you will be directed to the foray signup form.

What’s Next?

Please press the Submit button. You will be sent an email with a link to the signup form so you can complete your foray signup.

This email address was used for more than one person in your family membership when you joined or renewed. This is not allowed for MMS memberships, as was explained on the membership form. Each family member must have their own unique email address, and foray signups cannot be completed until this is corrected. Please email our webmaster, Jane Onorati for assistance.

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