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5-Gift MMS

You can purchase a single gift code here to cover the cost of any MMS membership type. Your recipient will be able to enter it when joining on our membership form. Their new membership will be discounted by the amount of the gift code.

Note: If they use the code to purchase the same membership type, they will pay nothing. However, please be aware that if a membership is chosen by the recipient that costs less than the gift code value, the remainder will not be reusable.

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A single membership is for one adult individual.


A family membership allows up to 4 adults plus children living in one household.


A student membership is for an adult currently enrolled and attending school.

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After submitting this form and paying for your gift code, you will receive an email with the gift code so you can send it to your recipient. The gift code can only be used one time and is not refundable. To purchase additional gift codes, please return to this form.