MMS Membership Application

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What Do I Need to Know to Join or Renew?

For all memberships:
  • This application cannot be completed without a valid and unique email address for each adult named on this form. This allows everyone the opportunity to read and agree to our waiver and release independently. Don’t have one? You can get free email addresses through a number of online email providers.
  • All adults who participate in MMS activities must read and sign our liability release. Those who fill out this form can read and e-sign it in Part 2 of this application. After submitting the application, each additional adult named on it will receive separate emails with a link to a form for them to do the same.
  • When you apply or renew, be ready to pay for your membership using a PayPal account or major credit cards. You’ll be redirected to the payment site once you submit the application.
For family memberships:
  • Family memberships are available to members who all reside at the same address.
  • Children who participate in MMS activities must have an adult who can legally sign for them, do so. You will have the opportunity to do this on this form. In case the person who can legally sign is another named adult on this form, they will also get the opportunity to sign for their children when they sign for themselves. If no adult listed on this form can legally sign for the children, and you wish for them to be able to attend events; please contact our membership coordinator John Lamprecht for assistance.