Summer mushrooms are in full bloom :)

We had a late but great morel season.  I myself achieved my best  morel harvesting ever in one spot.  I found 50 right here in Minneapolis of all places!  I took a walk over to a local taproom, and decided to check near some elms along the way. I did not really come prepared on my walk to carry that many morels. I filled up the small net bag I frequently carry with me and cradled the rest in the bottom front of my tee-shirt. Then, I walked the rest of the way to the taproom and enjoyed a couple of beers. Great day!

Summer is really good time to see many different species of mushrooms, especially after some rain.  Make sure and look around on your walks or hikes.  After joining MMS and going on a few forays with the club, I now notice mushrooms where I never did before.  I don’t just look for edibles.  It’s enjoyable to see all the colors and interesting forms mushrooms take including some very strange-looking ones!  Get out and enjoy!

Schizophyllum commune (Split Gill Fungus) by Marjie Carr-Oxley