The mushroom season is upon us! – and other notes…

May is prime morel time in Minnesota! – the reason why most of our morel forays are scheduled in May every year.

Check out our calendar to see when MMS morel forays are scheduled this year and also the annual Morels and Memories Mushroom Hunt & Alzheimer’s Fundraiser. Our morel forays are free events for members only, but you don’t have to be a member to attend the Morels and Memories hunt. It’s not free, but you will be contributing to a very worthy cause. Read more about it on our calendar event or go to

Fyi – we’ve made a change so you can visit our site using a more secure connection.  Just update your MMS website bookmarks to use our url address starting with HTTPS instead of HTTP.

If you haven’t seen the winning photos from last year’s 2018 MMS Photo Contest yet, you can check them out on our Photo Galleries page.

1st Place Activity/Humor/Other and Blewit Award (overall winner)